Focus and Discipline: 4 Keys to Managing the Chaos

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Today, businesses are struggling with chaos. Sales are plummeting. The stock market is crashing. Budget cuts have to be made. And teams have been thrown into remote working. However, not all is all doom and gloom.

Disruption may be inevitable, but chaos is a choice.

Business leaders who can manage chaos have the best chances of getting through to the other side of any disruption and even create new opportunities. By managing chaos, they can create the necessary focus and discipline to survive and scale.

Today, we want to share time-tested business secrets of managing chaos, so you can steer your company with focus and discipline to get through these uncertain waters.

In this upcoming LIVE training, Verne Harnish will share four keys to managing chaos during uncertain times.

The frameworks you’ll learn from this webinar have helped 70,000+ companies worldwide scale. Reserve your spot now to equip yourself with the keys to focus, discipline, confidence, and hope.


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In this 90-minute online training you'll learn: 


 Copy of Untitled (1)-1 The 4 keys to managing chaos: Discover how these keys equip you with agility to realign your mindset and strategies, so your company can quickly adapt to survive any disruption or crisis without drama or chaos;


Copy of Untitled (1)-1 Time-tested secrets of business growth: Discover Verne’s proven frameworks & tools that have helped 70,000+ businesses worldwide overcome challenges and scale;

Copy of Untitled (1)-1 The art of agile restrategizing: Explore successful case studies and get Verne’s insights on how you can adjust your 2020 plan to survive this crisis — and even position your company to scale after the crisis;

Copy of Untitled (1)-1Nurturing confident, focused employees during times of uncertainty: Learn powerful frameworks that instill focus and discipline across every level of your organization, so everyone is aligned and confident to  move in new directions;

Copy of Untitled (1)-1 Building your business resilience: Immediate action steps you must take to protect your business and give it the best chance of surviving, and thriving.


Verne Harnish

Verne, also known as “The Growth Guy”, is a CEO of Gazelles and a Founder of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization). He’s been recognized by Fortune Small Business Magazine as “one of the top 10 Minds in Small Business”. Verne’s also the author of bestselling books: “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits”, “The Greatest Business Decisions Ever Made”, and “Scaling Up”.

Daniel Marcos

Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute — the leading online executive education company for C level executives at fast growing firms —as well as co-founder of management coaching company Inflection (Gazelles Mexico), a management coaching company focused on helping business executives and entrepreneurs grow their companies.

The 4 Business Areas Essential For Business Growth 
Verne Harnish Will Cover During Training


You’ll get the operational frameworks to keep your employees and shareholders productive and engaged.


You’ll receive the formulas and tools to set up your strategy for revenue growth and a leading place in the industry.


You’ll figure out how to make sure that all processes in the company are running without drama and driving profitability.

You’ll learn operational formulas to secure sufficient cash reserves and improve your cash flow with growth

What Users & Experts Are Saying of the Scaling Up Methodology

Scott Farquhar
Co-Founder & CEO, Atlassian

“Scaling up a significant business requires precisely the kind of discipline and focus detailed in Verne’s practical and ‘how-to’ driven book.”

Sanjeev Mohanty
CEO, Benetton India

“Verne’s tools and techniques have been key to scaling up Benetton to become the #1 international fashion brand in India. They work!”

Patrick Lencioni
President of The Table Group

“Verne Harnish is more committed to helping companies grow than any other person on the planet. Really. He’s also radically practical in his approach and that is reflected throughout this terrific book.”

John Warrillow
Founder of The Sellability Score

“Scaling Up is a blueprint for building a growth company. Verne has pulled back the curtain on how the fastest-growing companies in the world fuel their growth. Scaling Up gives you an insider’s view into the most successful companies on earth.”

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