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Learn The 7 Levers to 2X Cash Flow, 3X Profit, & 10X Your Valuation

Because cash has never been more vital to your business 

Join cashflow expert, Alan Miltz, to build a fortress balance sheet & learn the #1 tool to take control of your business. 

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In this 100% free training with Alan Miltz you will learn:

🎚️ The 7 critical levers that will make a dramatic impact on your cash flow and profit and how to control them.

💡 The 3 most critical cashflow metrics that matter, when to use them, and how to get the whole team accountable for them!

🏦  How to make your bank a true partner in your business growth and build an effective strategy to ramp up the value of your business.

Get a chance to ask your burning questions to financial strategy expert Alan Miltz and Scaling Up Coach Daniel Marcos during the Live Q&A!!

Executives Around The World Use Alan's Methodology To Learn To Love The Numbers

Renee Bettenay
Director, Harris Black Chartered Accountants

“Every client has walked away with a greater understanding of their position and with a clear direction on what areas of their business they are going to work on.

The program is easy to use and the reports are clear, concise and relevant – Fantastic!”

Verne Harnish
Founder of Entrepreneur's Organization & Author of Scaling Up

Simply the easiest and most practical tool for scaling a firm's cash flow — giving the leadership team real insight into the 7 critical levers for driving valuation.

There is no other simpler tool to give real visibility into the financial workings of your firm.”

Alex Armour
CEO, Offspring Solutions LLC

“The Cash Flow Story Scorecard was extremely helpful in framing a consistent understanding of our financials. The 4 chapters are easy to understand and the Power of One is AWESOME!”

Mark Holton
Managing Partner, Dynamic Taxation and Training

“With less than 10 minutes of work, I was showing my client their financial story on my iPad...My client loved it.”


Alan Miltz

Meet the guy who has been transforming cash flow for companies around the world.

Alan Miltz is a global thought leader in financial analysis for businesses, banks, and accountants. As the founder of Inmatrix, Alan developed financial analysis techniques that have become a global standard for businesses, CPAs and banks. These techniques are now used in 40+ countries by over 20,000 customers and leading banks.


Daniel Marcos

Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute — the leading online executive education company for C level executives at fast growing firms.

He is also the co-founder of management coaching company Inflection (Gazelles Mexico), a management coaching company focused on helping business executives and entrepreneurs grow their companies.

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Learn The 7 Levers To 2X Cash Flow, 3X Profit,
& 10X Your Valuation