The Great Game of Business: Live Webinar

Join our FREE live webinar and discover how to 2X your revenue and 3X employee engagement by cultivating an all-in culture.
Upcoming start of webinar:
April 9th, 2024 at 2 PM ET

What will you learn?

Join us for an exclusive live webinar with business transformation leaders like Steve Baker. Explore the groundbreaking Open-Book Management (OBM) strategy that's revolutionizing company cultures worldwide.
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Ownership Culture

Challenge traditional employee engagement strategies by fostering a culture where everyone thinks and acts like an owner, enhancing commitment and performance.

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Triple Employee Engagement

Practical techniques for tripling employee engagement through transparency, financial literacy, and a shared stake in the company's success.

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Implementation Insights

Baker will unveil common pitfalls in implementing OBM and share effective strategies for overcoming them, ensuring a smooth transition to a culture of ownership and transparency.

Meet the speakers

Get to know our dynamic speakers, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs sharing their insights and experiences.
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For Whom Is This Webinar?

Discover the specific audience this webinar is designed for, ensuring it provides utmost value and relevance to every attendee.
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Business Leaders

This webinar unveils groundbreaking strategies in open-book management, perfect for leaders aiming to elevate their company's culture, engagement, and financial transparency to unprecedented levels of success.

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Dive into the transformative world of The Great Game of Business, essential for CEOs looking to foster a culture of ownership and accountability, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

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Management Teams

deal for management teams committed to enhancing organizational performance. Learn to implement open-book principles that engage every employee in the financial success of the company, boosting overall performance.

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Entrepreneurs will discover invaluable open-book management strategies, providing the foundation for building a transparent, engaging, and scalable business model that empowers teams and drives growth.

The Great Game of Business: Live Webinar

Upcoming start of webinar:
April 9th, 2024 at 2 PM ET