The Machine: Live Webinar

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February 29th at 2 PM ET

What will you learn?

Join us for an exclusive live webinar with sales innovation expert Justin Roff-Marsh. Discover the radical Sales Process Engineering (SPE) method that's reshaping sales departments worldwide.
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Debunk sales myths

Challenge conventional sales strategies, highlighting inefficiencies in the traditional model and proposing innovative alternatives.

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Double-digit growth

Methods for driving significant growth in sales without increasing operational costs, focusing on efficiency and optimization.

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Avoid common mistakes

Roff-Marsh will discuss frequent errors in sales departments and provide insights on how to avoid them, thereby improving sales performance.

Meet the speakers

Get to know our dynamic speakers, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs sharing their insights and experiences.
Companies that trust The Machine
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For Whom Is This Webinar?

Explore the precise target audience for our webinar, ensuring that it delivers maximum value and relevance to all participant
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Business Leaders

This webinar offers insights into innovative sales strategies that can reshape traditional practices, making it ideal for those who are looking to lead their organizations toward new heights in efficiency and profitability.

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This webinar provides a deep dive into the pioneering sales methods necessary for modern business success. CEOs will gain valuable insights into reengineering sales processes to drive growth and maintain a competitive edge.

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Sales Managers

Sales managers seeking to adopt cutting-edge strategies. Focusing on practical, innovative approaches to sales management, ideal for those who want to enhance their team's performance and contribute to the growth trajectory.

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Entrepreneurs will benefit from this revolutionary sales methodology. It offers strategies and insights crucial for startup and SME owners who need to establish efficient, scalable sales processes from the ground up.

The Machine: Live Webinar

Upcoming start of webinar:
February 29th at 2 PM ET