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Businesses clinging to traditional business plans and linear growth are disappearing. Thriving organizations are the ones embracing new technological advancements and scaling for exponential growth. They are altering their strategy and embracing new technology to ensure their future success.

Growth Institute is proud to present this webinar from bestselling author Salim Ismail, whose teachings and methods have shifted the way businesses operate all over the world. 

Every business that’s changed the game to has done one thing: they dramatically disrupted the way they operate. It led them to alter their old structure and improve the very foundation of their business mindset.

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During this 90-minute recorded webinar  you’ll learn:

  1. Salim Ismail’s insights on leveraging technology and strategy to grow 10 times faster than your peers;

  2. Case studies with proven results to create exponential change;

  3. The key attributes you need to understand and implement to kick your company into high gear;

  4. How to change the way the leadership team views your company's growth and their role in the process.


Bring Exponential Growth to Your Organization

During Salim’s webinar, you’ll learn what it takes to become an ExO, regardless of your position.




Mid-Market Business Owners

Let this webinar be the perfect beginning in transforming your organization. Take your position in the world from business owner to business leader.




While established organizations can adapt they way they think and operate, what better way to form a startup than with exponential growth in place at its inception?




The path to exponential growth has to begin at the top. CEOs must be the starting point within an organization to pave a new road to becoming an ExO.



Business Coaches & Consultants

You’ve built a business that helps others thrive. Deliver ExO strategies to your clients so they become 10 times better, faster, and cheaper than their peers.


Salim Ismail

Salim Ismail is known for bringing his passion for business, entrepreneurship, and technology to create presentations people call “mind-blowing.” His book, Exponential Organizations, is an Amazon #1 bestseller in Business Management and named Frost & Sullivan’s “Growth, Innovation, and Leadership Book of the Year.”

It’s considered required reading at the world’s top organizations. He has spent the last seven years building Singularity University as its founding Executive Director.

He has been featured in numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fortune, Wired and the BBC. He advises Fortune 500 executives and many world governments on the future of technology.

Daniel Marcos

Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute — the leading online executive education company for C level executives at fast growing firms — as well as co-founder of management coaching company Inflection (Gazelles Mexico), a management coaching company focused on helping business executives and entrepreneurs grow their companies.

He is an international speaker and has shared stage with thought leaders like Peter Diamandis, Guy Kawasaki and Jack Canfield, just to name a few. Daniel is the blogger of Capitalemprendedor.com. 

What Leaders Say About Salim Ismail & ExO Methodology

"Exponential Organizations should be required … for anyone interested in the ways exponential technologies are reinventing best practices in business."

Ray Kurzweil

Director of Engineering at Google

"Exponential Organizations is pivotal in its class. Salim examines the future of organizations and offers his insights on the concept of Exponential Organizations because he himself embodies the strategy, structure, culture, processes, and systems of this new breed of company."

John Hagel

Co-Chairman of The Center for the Edge

"Exponential Organizations is a valuable guide for not only clearly analyzing how a modern organization can have an enormous impact amplified by the right use of technology, but also offers concrete tools for evaluating your own organization and take steps to make it more future-proof by adopting the systems and behaviors the best employ."

David Orban

CEO of Dotsub

“For me, the key takeaway from the course was the importance of the MTP. We discussed it a lot during the course and also afterwards, and we have learned that this is an important method to carry the business forward. It is the way to engage our clients, the staff on demand, the community, the investors, politicians and others”

Claus Amann

Co-Owner SMExO

“It's a how-to guide that provides direction based upon the experience of these successful exponential companies. This [is for] all C-level team members who have responsibility for growth and change adoption in their organizations - whether they are in large companies or small. If you bury your head in the sand and avoid the lessons to be learned on disruptive change.. you do so at your own peril.”

Thomas A. Corr

CEO of Ontario Centres of Excellence

"EXO class expanded my understanding of exponential leadership. More specifically, what does it really take to lead exponentially from multiple perspectives? Exponential growth is accompanied by levels of experimentation which require employees and customers alike to persevere. This may best be achieved when they see their needs and desires recognized at the highest levels. Leaders will do well to use a process-oriented approach that is both “nimble and scalable.” 

Pamela Carrington Rotto

COO of the J.C. Hart

"The more concrete impact from the EXO course is a giant dashboard that's updated every day with critical numbers that are related to our five-year plan, our 10-year plan, our 15-year plan. So, visually, I see the difference every day in my work from the course. But my MTP, the Massive Transformative Purpose, that I came out of the class with also had a big influence on our change to our core values."

Mallory Tompkins

Director of Instruction and Learning, 82nd Street Academics

Bring Salim Ismail’s pivotal attributes into your business and begin your transformation