Introducing: The Dollar Exercise Tool from The Great Game of Business Innovators, Jack Stack and Steve Baker

Get The Dollar Exercise to Ease Into Open Book Management and Cultivate Ownership Thinking 

And ensure every team member sees how they directly contribute to the company's success, both literally and figuratively.

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Is this tool for you?

Does this sound like you?

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    You're unsure how to effectively share the company's financial direction and priorities with your team.
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    Decision-making feels like a shot in the dark, leading to lackluster collaboration, outcomes, and missed opportunities for financial growth.
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    Your team's motivation and engagement are waning, impacting their performance and the company's overall financial health.
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    You question whether your team fully understands the financial stakes and if they’re prepared for the company's next level of financial success.
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    Cross-team collaboration is suffering, potentially from not understanding the financial implications of resource allocation, affecting productivity.
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    Struggling to keep pace with market changes due to a lack of financial transparency and agility, hindering your ability to innovate quickly.

If you answered YES to any of these, then this tool is exactly what you’re looking for.

When you implement this tool, you will:

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    Unlock the full potential of your organization by ensuring every team member is aligned and committed to the overarching financial objectives.
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    Enhance your capability to monitor your financial health and the effectiveness of your business strategies.
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    Secure your position as a frontrunner in your sector and consistently increase your earnings (even in tumultuous times).
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    Optimize your expenditures (without downsizing) and significantly boost your team's efficiency.
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    Synchronize your team and business vision, enabling a smooth, profitable operation that doesn't rely on your constant oversight.
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    And, crucially, provide a clear financial blueprint for success, guiding your company to a commanding market position.

The Great Game of Business approach has empowered countless organizations to shatter their barriers, fostering growth and scalability with enhanced engagement and reduced stress and drama.

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Explore the complimentary, straightforward guide on mapping out your company's financial landscape with the Dollar Exercise, ensuring every team member is aligned and invested, both literally and figuratively.


Get Your 100% FREE  Dollar Exercise, Now!