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Growth is a difficult journey for start-ups, but for mid-market companies it’s an entirely different beast. As paradoxical as it sounds, as you grow and add more people in the organization, things don’t get easier. Growth increases complexity, it doesn’t reduce it. The data is clear. If you want to scale your company, your organization must be aligned with a mindset for growth. That’s what we provide you.

At Growth Institute, you will get the best training resources specifically for mid-market companies to build the systems and processes you need to thrive. Today, learning doesn't cut it. You need the structure and support to implement and really build your business.

Our online programs will help leaders like you stay ahead of the curve!

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Making Executive Education Better

All the heavy-lifting has been done for you to have the best executive education on the market

This is not just about learning

The key is implementation and getting real time ROI on your investment

You’re not alone

Collaborate with a community of like-minded executives and top thought leaders who will challenge you to meet your goals

We don’t just teach you

We teach your team. Because you’ll need their help to 10x to your company

Think you don’t have time?

These programs adjust to your schedule, not the other way around

This is engineered to work

We put you through a 4-step process rooted in deliberate practice that delivers results

Only the best

Your teachers are the experts pushing innovation in their fields


The #1 Programs For Mid-Market Executives Who Want To Scale Their Business


Top Thought Leaders


Online Programs


Students & Alumni


Master Business Courses 

Master of Business Dynamics Program

Master of Business Dynamics is an interactive online program that puts together Growth Institute’s best methodologies, frameworks and solutions.

Over the 18-month period you will be taken through a process of intense revision, brainstorms, coaching and implementation.

Along with selected CEOs, top executives and entrepreneurs from around the world, you’ll go through 6 Master Business Courses, taught by some of the most influential coaches and Thought Leaders of the modern business world.  

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Our Top Master Business Courses 

Based on a Hybrid-Education model that includes theory, practice and coached implementation, our Master Business Courses include interactive video and live classes designed to address your critical growing pains

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Scaling Up 2.0 with Verne Harnish

For years it’s been our mission to help mid-market organizations scale up rapidly, and methodically but without drama. We are using technology and virtual classrooms to bring the world’s top methodologies and coaches to business leaders who are not afraid of the work that comes with change.

That’s why, as a result of collaboration between Verne Harnish and The Growth Institute, you can now access the famous Scaling Up methodology in the form of an interactive Master Business Course.


Exponential Organization with Salim Ismail

This is a 3-month intensive course that will help you learn and implement the key attributes of a 10x company no matter your size, or industry. Work with Co-Author’s and thought-leaders Salim Ismail and Yuri van Geest to learn and implement a scalable and exponential organizational structure. The class will feature 50+ video lessons on how and why building or adapting existing organizations to scale 10x is imperative to 21st century success.

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Additional Learning with the Scaling Up Club

The Scaling Up Club is a library of 104+ video courses and monthly live webinars with our featured thought leaders. Join the membership to gain access to learning you will be able to implement immediately. Whether it is leadership, people, sales, customer service, innovation, or something else, grow and develop the skills your organization needs to surpass expectations and scale-up.

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What Business Leaders Are Saying About Growth Institute

Wes Garner
CEO of GLC Minerals

Without a doubt, the course has paid for itself a hundred times already. The delivery is world class and the virtual classroom uniquely creates a deeper level of understanding

Kevin Allen
Founding Director of African Crowdfunding Association

If you're running a company that is large enough that is has a board then I would suggest that you as the CEO - as well as one or two influential board members - actually do the course. Because in the decision-making arena of your company you need to have people who understand the shift that is happening and what is required to remain relevant

Theresa LaBranche
Executive Director at Allure

When we started the program, we were about 20 million. Last year, we doubled. There is no doubt in my mind that our increased knowledge has impacted the growth of the company

Glenice Riley
COO of FAB Group

It actually empowers people throughout the organization to make a judgement call about the things that come up every day


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 Scaling Up Master Business Course 2.0. September cohort

You’ll learn the Scaling Up methodology to master 4 areas critical for business growth: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. This methodology has been used by over 40,000 companies, including Atlassian, Benetton and Toyota, to scale up rapidly and efficiently.

To ensure the highest quality of the course, each cohort is limited to 75 participants.The course starts September 19th.


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