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What is the Master of Business Dynamics?

Master of Business Dynamics is an interactive online program that puts together Growth Institute’s best methodologies, frameworks and solutions. You'll enjoy our Accelerated Learning Platform with our unique Hybrid Method of Learning which combines unique strategy, the tools for you and your team, implementation, coaching, and masterminding - all geared to help you grow and scale with less drama - or your money back!

Along with selected CEOs, top executives and entrepreneurs from around the world, you’ll go through up to 6 Master Business Courses, taught by some of the most influential coaches and thought leaders of the modern business world like Jack Daly, Verne Harnish, David Meerman Scott, Dr. Brad Smart, Salim Ismail, Kaihan Krippendorff, and Daniel Marcos to name a few. Learn how the Master of Business Dynamics Program can help you grow and scale your business, with less drama.

Who is it for?

It’s for founders, CEOs and Top Executives who:

Want an MBA-level of experience, but are too busy running their companies;

Are looking for the proven tools and most practical methodologies to grow (up to 10x) this year

Are committed to transforming and scaling up their businesses, not just maintaining the status quo

Are ambitious, motivated, and willing to put in the hard work

Are lifelong learners, always hungry for knowledge and curious about new solutions

Want to network, mastermind and exchange experienced with an international community of leaders, entrepreneurs and game changers

3 key ingredients of your Success Formula:

To scale up effectively and without drama you need: continuity and accountability, professional guidance and proven know-how, as well as constructive feedback and support. We deliver them through 3 key components of Master of Business Dynamics:

New Master Business Course every quarter

Through our Master Business Courses you’ll get access to knowledge of the top experts and Thought Leaders in the industry. We’re talking about methodologies, strategies and frameworks tested by over 10,000 organizations around the globe.

Ongoing learning with Scaling Up Club

Through Scaling Up Club you’ll get access to an online library of +100 video courses and monthly live webinars with our featured Thought Leaders. You’ll find here trainings on leadership, sales, customer service, innovation, and much more.

International business community

Not a single person on this program is accidental. All applications go through a strict review process to ensure the highest quality of our network — which results in group accountability, insightful discussions and insanely productive Masterminds.

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How the program works:


Every Month:

  • Every month you’ll focus on a different topic.
  • You’ll participate in a LIVE online seminar with a Thought Leader or a business coach.
  • You’ll get feedback and exchange ideas in online discussions and masterminds.
  • You’ll get unlimited access to a collection of 60-90-minute video trainings (Scaling Up Club).
  • You’ll get tools and frameworks to implement, as a part of your “homework”.

Every Quarter:

  • Each quarter you’ll participate in one Master Business Course with a duration of 8-12 weeks. There are no final exams.
  • You’ll go through 5-10 hours of video trainings related to that course.
  • You’ll participate in 6-8 live discussions with a coach and masterminds with your peers.
  • Depending on a course, you’ll get an option for 1-1 coaching calls.
  • Program requires 2-3 hours a week to learn the methodology plus the opportunity to dive into new business case studies to apply critical thinking as a team.


Scaling Up Summit

You’ll be invited to a Scaling Up Summit (date and location tba) where you’ll not only receive your certification, but also get a chance to meet offline other participants and celebrate 18 months of your hard work.


Master Business Courses

Each quarter you’ll participate in one Master Business Course (MBC) for a duration of 8-12 weeks. MBC includes online live trainings, discussions, access to experienced coaches, downloadable toolkits and frameworks, and 5-10 hours of video lessons with our world-renowned business thought leaders.

You’ll go through six Master Business Courses in total:

  • HYPER SALES GROWTH — with Jack Daly
  • OUTTHINK THE COMPETITION — with Kaihan Krippendorf
  • MASTERING NEW MARKETING — with David Meerman Scott
  • SCALING UP — with Verne Harnish
  • TOPGRADING — with Dr. Brad Smart

The ongoing growth with Scaling Up Club

No time to read books or attend another conference? With Scaling Up Club you can learn business skills in 90 minutes or less. It’s an online library of dozens of seminars and workshops, available to you on demand. Each course comes with execution plans that you can immediately use to scale up your business.

You’ll find here:

  • The One Thing to A Billion Dollars — by Joe Polish & Dean Graziosi
  • How Performance Partnerships Can Scale Your Business — by Robert Glazer
  • Branding Masterclass…Uncensored — by Deb Gabor
  • Financial Models & Valuation of Companies — by Chris Haroun
  • Kaizen: Back to the Basics — by Hilary Corna
  • How to Boost Profit and Growth through Pricing — by Hermann Simon
  • Modern Leadership — by Erik Qualman
  • And +90 other online seminars and workshops
MBD community

Dynamic community of entrepreneurs,
leaders & game-changers

As a member, you'll get support and feedback not only from the top business coaches and experts, but also from the community of driven entrepreneurs, leaders and game changers. Through our masterminds and group discussions you’ll brainstorm ideas and exchange insights. You’ll learn from each others’ successes and mistakes. You’ll keep each other accountable. You’ll deepen your network and relationships within, and outside of your industry.

The best part? You decide which relationships to nurture, and for how long. This community doesn’t have an expiration date, it’s all up to you.

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Master of Business Dynamics in numbers






Thought Leaders


Online Seminars

What People Are Saying

The MBD is the single biggest influence on the decisions I made in my business then and still to this day.

Dwight Cooper

CEO, PPR Talent Management Group

Disruption is the new norm. We need to know it, expect it, and figure out ways to embrace it. Growth Institute and the MBD program give you the tools, support, coaching, and peer masterminding to help you navigate the milestones and challenges of growing your business exponentially…

Pamela Carrington Rotto

COO, JC Hart

without a doubt, that course has paid for itself a hundred times over already...’s incredibly cost-effective. The delivery is world class and the virtual classroom environment uniquely creates delivery of a deeper level of content for a deeper level of understanding…

Wes Garner

CEO, GLC Minerals

The MBD made me rethink what was going on in my business. I’m now coaching seven companies which average around $100 million dollars per year, and they want to grow much bigger than that. I seriously believe that you can't be an entrepreneur without a program like this...

Shannon Susko

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Coach/Advisor, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Corporate Director

Frequently Asked Questions

I've already taken some of these courses. What are my options?

Have you taken Topgrading or perhaps Scaling Up? No worries. We are offering new Master Courses in 2018 and more every year. This means you can start the program with a course that you have not taken, and select others when new ones launch. Plus, your payment for your previous course(s) will count as a credit, so you’ve already partially paid for your MBD.

What does the application process look like?

Upon submission of your application, you will receive an email immediately with more information on next steps. The timeline for acceptance will be within a week of your submission. Once you have been notified of acceptance, you will have 2 weeks to pay to hold your spot in the program.

When can I start my MBD program?

Each Master Course is held once per quarter. You can join the program at any time and will be given the options for when the next courses will be starting for you to join.

I'm starting a Master Course this quarter. Can it count towards my MBD?

Yes! If you are enrolled in a Master Course that is starting this quarter, we will count it towards your MBD as credit.

Can I count the MBD towards university credits?

The MBD is an accredited certificate program. It is not the equivalent of a University’s Masters Degree. The acceptance of MBD courses as university credit would fully depend on the institution granting your degree.

What does it mean to be accredited?

The Gazelles Growth Institute is a Corporate and Digital Learning Institution. We are regulated and accredited by an AdvancED. This means that we are audited by strict guidelines that ensure quality of learning.

Is Growth Institute a university?

We are an official Corporate and Digital Learning Institution but not technically a university.

For the purpose of synergy, we have to gather a group of CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs from companies that have already achieved a certain level of growth — reflected especially in the size of their projects, teams and the revenue. We also have to make sure that you’ve reached the stage where our methodology can be implemented effectively.

Ideally, you have already completed one of our Master Business Courses, implemented its solutions and you are able to share your results with us. 

There’s no application fee. You can apply individually or as a team of executives.


Because this course is highly interactive, in the application process we’ll ask you about:

  • Your top skills and what can you bring to the table;
  • Your business background and experience;
  • Your previous achievements;
  • Your company’s mission and current goals.
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