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Even in today's competitive marketplace

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"Jeff Thull's process plays a key role in helping companies and their customers cross chasms with disruptive innovations and succeed with game-changing initiatives." 

- Geoffrey A. Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm and Dealing With Darwin 

Embrace A Robust Method To Effectively Close Real Business!  

The complex sale is a massive process that hinges on multiple stakeholders and waves of information coming at you from all directions. 

It's a high-risk situation for both sides of the table - sellers and customers included. 

In today's marketplace, your success demands an exceptional strategy and precise execution that clearly sets you apart from the competition.

In this Mastering the Complex Sale Master Business Course, renowned sales strategist and bestselling author Jeff Thull will guide you through the process of building this strategy - and ensuring its optimal execution.

You'll go way beyond perfecting your sales strategy.

By the end of this course, your team will have mastered the decision process behind why your customers really buy and paved the path to more profitable growth!

Learn Online - Alongside Real Sales Leaders

With this course, you won't be mastering this methodology alone. 

You'll be working and learning side-by-side with like minded CEOs, sales leaders, sales professionals and their teams!

Having this additional community and support (both internally and externally) will give you an advantage no other online training can offer.

We will give you an environment of support, guidance, mentoring, coaching, collaboration, teamwork, peer support, and a whole lot more so you are fully equipped to thrive during your implementation!

Over the next 12 weeks, you and your team will tackle the sales challenges most critical for your organization, and learn as part of a community of executives! 

You will recieve Jeff's direct insights into the current environment, engage with your fellow sales executives and managers, and allow your team to dive into the weeds of the Complex Sale. 

This proven program will keep you and your team aligned on the steps you need to take to refine your sales process in the face of a rapidly shifting marketplace! 

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Master The 4 Stages to Closing The Sale



Research and build a solid foundation on which to engage customer executives in trusting and mutually long-term relationships.



Guide your customer through a quality decision process to identify and understand their unique challenges and determine with them the cost of not changing.



Collaborate with customers to create the optimal solution together and quantify the value to be achieved, making your solution the compelling option.



Your customer now has enough information to reinforce their own decisions and accept your solution. Now you deliver on their expectation and verify with them the value is being achieved.

What You'll Accomplish During This Program 

1 (3)

1. Build a uniform sales, marketing, and management process

2 (3)

2. Gain control and confidence by building trust and credibility

3 (2)

3. Set up a high-quality pipeline of larger-sized deals

4 (1)
4. Avoid getting commoditized under relentless price pressure


5. Get executive and senior-level access with concise diagnostics


6. Shorten your sales cycle and increase your conversion rates

7. Skillfully leverage the full value of your solution to prospects

8. Pave the way to more predictable and profitable sales growth!


What you're getting in this Master Business Course:

icons8-checkmark-64Access To a Virtual Training System So You Can Always Go Back and Get Your Answer From the Videos
icons8-checkmark-64Intensive, Live, Group Working Sessions to Ensure Your Implementation
icons8-checkmark-64Tools to Support Your Rapid Implementation
icons8-checkmark-64A Community to Collaborate, Report Progress, and Exchange Results!
icons8-checkmark-64An official Master Practitioner Certificate


If you want your sales team to drive more profitable results in spite of the current environment, ask yourself - Are you ready to take the first step?

Selling your complex solution depends on a highly-effective sales team.

So, let's give them the tools, the roadmap, and the support they need to succeed!
Enroll in the course now and capture powerful strategic insights for modern selling. 


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Who Should Attend This Course?

It is designed for sales leaders, executives and sales professionals who want to take the proven path to closing more deals and: 
  • Develop a powerful and predictable sales strategy, so they can help grow the business by outperforming their critical targets

  • Replace outdated sales approaches that have no place in a highly competitive, evolving market

  • Connect and collaborate with a top sales thought leader teaching his data-backed proven methodologies and solid processes

  • Learn and implement the most effective methods to shorten sales cycles and increase forecast accuracy across the entire organization

  • Engage in a flexible curriculum that can be easily integrated into the rhythm of busy schedules

  • Are driven to turn learning into real-time collaboration and real-world application



Learn from The Master of Complex Selling -Jeff Thull

  • The verified Grandmaster of the Complex Sale, Jeff is a leading-edge strategist and valued advisor for executive teams of major companies and institutions worldwide.

  • He is the author of four best-selling books for orchestrating the strategy, process and execution of complex sales, including the highly-revised second edition of Mastering the Complex Sale.

  • As President and CEO of Prime Resource Group, Jeff has designed and implemented business transformation and professional development programs for major companies including Shell, 3M, Microsoft, Citicorp, IBM, as well as many fast track, start-up companies.

  • Jeff is also a compelling, entertaining and thought-provoking keynote speaker with a track record of over 3,500 keynotes and seminars delivered to corporations and professional associations worldwide.

Here's why it works so well

Our unique approach leaves nothing to chance. We will help you breakthrough your "plateaus" so you can grow and scale, with less stress and less drama.

Our Hybrid Method of Learning is a 4-step integrated process that allows you to turn practice into results in real-time:

Direct Learning from Jeff Thull 

Get cutting edge strategies from a thought leader –  not just a professional who teaches business theory. You get the learning directly from Jeff and without having to deal with misinformation or a watered-down version.



The System Toolkit

You will receive tools to speed along your implementation quickly and easily. These tools are your roadmap to give you direction and get on track, as well as to help your team stay on track  –  easily  – almost like a step-by-step blueprint. These tools will help drive action for the duration of our time working together.

Online Coaching Sessions

With a coach, you make a plan for exactly how to implement. We do not leave you to plan on your own. You show up weekly for the group coaching sessions to get your specific questions answered and focus on the next steps for implementation. We will show you what works so you don't fall back into bad habits.

Bring Your Team Along

Mastering the Complex Sale is not a single person's role. It takes the whole team to buy in, align, and take action. Your team also acts as a support system during the implementation process. The more you can collaborate with them, the more accelerated your learning and action will be. 

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Sales Leaders Rely On Mastering the Complex Sale 

Charles H. Green
Co-author of The Trusted Advisor, Author of Trust-Based Selling

"Collaboration and trust between seller and buyer are critical to navigating that complexity. Jeff Thull is the architect and designer of just how it is done.”

Will O'Shea
SVP, Cardinal Logistics

“The program is essential for individuals involved in complex selling environments.”

Donny Holender
Senior Vice President, The Reynolds and Reynolds Company

“Thull’s clear and distinctive advice provides a real-world road map for maximizing results in high-stakes sales. It’ll take today’s consultative salesperson’s game to the next level…mandatory for those looking to gain a true competitive advantage and distinguish themselves from the competition.”

Alex Lightner
Director of People Analytics, Humanyze

“I left the training with a list of immediate actions I could take to improve our company's holistic approach to both sales and delivery. Very helpful and applicable!"

Ed Daniels
EVP, Shell Global Solutions Downstream

“Lays out a solid method for selling cross-company, cross-border, even cross-culturally where you have multiple decision makers with multiple agendas. This is far more than a ‘selling process’ – it is a survival guide – a truly outstanding approach to bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Dave Stein
CEO & Founder, ES Research Group, Inc.

“Jeff Thull is winning the war against commoditization. In his world, value trumps price and commoditization isn't a given, it's a choice. This is a proven alternative to the price-driven sale. We’ve spoken to his clients. This stuff really works, folks.”

Lee Tschanz
Vice President North American Sales, Rockwell Automation

“Customers need to know the value they will receive and how they will receive it. Thull’s insights into the complex sale and how to clarify and quantify this value are remarkable – Mastering the Complex Sale will be required reading for years to come.”

Carol Pudnos
Executive Director, Dow Corning Corporation

"Jeff Thull has re-engineered the conventional sales process to create predictable and profitable growth in today's competitive marketplace. It's no longer about selling; it's about guiding quality decisions and creating collaborative value. This is one of those rare books that will make a difference."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit of seats per business?

This course is for leadership and their team. We encourage you to bring up to 8 members of your team to this program.  We’ve seen the most spectacular results when the entire Team signed up, so if you want to add more members of the organization, we are in full support. Just let us know! There’s no limit of seats per business. 
If you have eight or more individuals who you want involved, consider a customized, private course designed specifically for your business.

Can I implement the Mastering the Complex Sale processes by myself?

Together with your sales team you can read Jeff’s book “Mastering the Complex Sale”. You can then discuss which frameworks and strategies would be the most important at the moment and start implementing them.
The truth is, doing it on your own takes longer and is extremely challenging. You’ll be missing professional feedback, peer motivation, accountability and external perspective (we all know how it is hard sometimes to think “outside of the box”). Within this Master Course you’ll be getting not only highly-qualified guidance and support, but also an extremely dynamic and valuable network of entrepreneurs from all over the world.

What can I do if I miss the live sessions with the coach or author of the class?

All our live sessions with authors and coaches are recorded and available on your learning platform. You will find them following the same steps mentioned in the reminder you receive a few days before the live classes.
- I’ll be traveling/ busy during a lot of the live sessions and I’m concerned that I’ll fall behind. - 
If you will be travelling, you can always dial in from wherever you are. You don’t have to be suited up in the office to participate in the live sessions. If you are 100% sure that you will miss the class, you can still submit your question/ challenge/ feedback and we’ll discuss it during the workshop or mastermind. As mentioned above, you’ll get the recordings of all the live sessions to keep for 12 months after the course end date. 

What if I'm not satisfied with the course? What is your refund policy?

We offer an iron clad triple risk-free guarantee.

If you aren’t blown away by the level of service, informational content, clarity, and support throughout the entire course... we'll refund you 100% up to 30 days after purchase, or until the 3rd Live Session if no session has happened within the first 30 days of your enrollment.

Don't let your sales targets take a hit in 2020.
 Join the Mastering the Complex Sale Master Business Course  

- You’ll participate in an interactive, online certification program, spread over 3 months

- You will have access to dynamic video training every week (more than 5 hours of study material)

- You will receive 8 live, online workshops with a coach. These are highly interactive with Q&As and discussions with other participants

- You will be equipped to join an interactive group and community space to connect with experts, peers, and coaches 24/7

- You’ll receive an official Master Practitioner Certificate

- You’ll have a downloadable toolkit & PDFs to keep for life

- All the video recordings and extra materials are also yours to keep 12 months after the course starts

- The Q3 Class Starts August 12th! Sign up to get immediate access

Investment:  $5,490  
for up to 3 members of your team! 

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