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What Entrepreneurs and Executives Think About This Strategic Thinking Program

“The 4th Option® is a powerful framework that helps companies figure out and get unstuck on their strategy. The course allows companies to look at ideas they never thought they would be able to implement and then implement them to win. As a coach it is great to have these tools to help my clients move forward and be successful.”

Shannon Susko
Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Coach/Advisor, Best Selling Author of 3HAG Way, Speaker and Corporate Director

"A professional approach, cutting-edge business concepts with unique tools presented in a way that inspires leaders to think differently. The process holds up against the most sophisticated and experienced audiences.”

Robert Cancalosi
Director of Global Customer Leadership Education, GE

"The Outthinker process created an entirely different way of solving business problems. It was as though someone suddenly opened the floodgate; there was a whole new flow of ideas and energy."

Country Manager

"Kaihan is very good at understanding the underlying patterns of strategy, then he trains the group to start recognizing these patterns, with time the strategic level of the group starts rising, generating breakthrough ideas that unleash untapped value."

Juan Mijares
Reg. Dir. Of Strategy Wal-mart

"Kaihan is a great communicator, who held the rapt attention of an audience of more than 200 financial services professionals from across the country. He opened our minds, made us think, and gave us actionable ideas that one could apply to their day-to-day lives."

Geraldine O'Brien
Vice President of Communications, Newport Group

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