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 Why you need to"Outthink The Competition"?

The level of performance and improvement needed today is unprecedented. To outthink and outperform the competition, you and your team must address business challenges by establishing a clear picture of the destination, the current reality, and the gap between the two in a systematic and structured way.

You must then generate innovative strategies, known as 4th Options, that enable the organization to close the gap in ways that the competition does not anticipate.

This program is a strategic and innovative thinking program. Outthink The Competition will equip your team with the tools you need to innovate and strategize to generate and select unique 4th Options strategies.

The goal? To Scale Up in 2021!

Companies who apply the tools delivered in this course accelerate their growth rates by 120%, expand their profit margins, and prepare themselves to thrive in the faster-paced, digital 21st century.

Learn Online - alongside other CEOs and your team!

With this course, you won't be mastering this methodology alone. 

You won't be just working and learning side-by-side with like-minded CEOs, CXO's and their teams. You'll also get guidance directly from Kaihan himself! He'll help you evaluate your strategic thinking process, offer your own insights, and show what you're missing. 

Having this additional community and support (both internally and externally) will give you an advantage no other online training can offer.

We will give you an environment of support, guidance, mentoring, coaching, collaboration, teamwork, peer support, and a whole lot more so you are fully equipped to thrive during your implementation!

Over the next 10 weeks, you and your team will tackle the innovation challenges most critical for your organization, and learn as part of a community of executives! 

Companies that are using the Outthinker Process

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Master The I.D.E.A.S. Framework

In business, you can overcome disruption or you can fall back on rules of the past. The game has changed, and you need to look beyond your current playbook to create an entirely new strategic reality. In this course you will:

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What You'll Accomplish During This Program 



1. Envision the future, analyze trends, and define your long-term vision



2. Determine your short-term strategic plan



3. Break down your problem and analyze your key leverage points



4. Understand what your strategy should focus on by apply the 8P’s of marketing



5. Generate countless (200+!) potential strategies for your organization



6. Build your three phases of priorities to expand your innovative strategy



7. Sort through and find your disruptive ideas—or fourth option



8. Get aligned and craft a communication strategy to maximize buy-in


Here's why Outthink The Competition works so well: 

Our learning process will help you break through your "plateaus" so you can grow and scale, with less stress and less drama. We don't leave anything to chance. 

The Hybrid Method of Learning is a 4-step integrated process that allows you to turn practice into results in real-time:

Direct Learning From Kaihan 


This course will be easy to work through as it’s made up of 9 weeks of videos totaling 3+ hours of action and implementation-packed content. These are bite-sized chunks of actionable information so you can implement as you go. Everything is recorded so you can always come back and review at a later date.

Your System Toolkit


You’ll get a high-quality, editable PDF workbook that you can use to map out your ideas, execution strategies, and next steps to keep your implementation organized.  Throughout the program, you will assess your learning and understanding and identify your winning moves as your work through the Outthinker Program


Online Coaching Sessions


With Kaihan's help, you'll make a plan for exactly how to implement. We don't leave you to plan on your own. You show up weekly for the group coaching sessions. Our coaches - and Kaihan himself - will answer your specific questions and help you focus on the next steps for implementation. We will show you what works so you don't fall back into bad habits.

Bring Your Team Along To Multiply Your Results!


Innovation and disruption is not a single person's role. It takes the whole team to buy in, align, and take action. Your team also acts as a support system during the implementation process. The more you can collaborate with them, the more accelerated your learning and action will be. 



If you want your team to drive more profitable results in spite of the current environment, ask yourself - Are you ready to take the first step?

Extraordinary organizations depend on a highly effective strategy and a team that can think outside the box to come up with the 4th Option!

So, let's get you the tools, the roadmap, and the support you need to succeed! Enroll in the course now and capture powerful strategic insights and processes for 21st-century business. 

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Who Is Outthink the Competition For?

This in-depth program is for team leaders and CEOs who are dead serious about:
  • Are dedicated to doing what it takes to scale up their company and become an industry-dominating brand.
  • Have the drive and motivation to learn and execute on Kaihan's proven methods and be willing to try something new.
  • Want to connect with top industry experts, thought leaders and discover new ways to grow and scale up.
  • Have an open-minded, positive mindset with a bias for action and thinking that’s firmly rooted in the realities of modern business.
  • Will only be satisfied when they’ve taken the action that needs to be taken and gotten the result they are looking for.

[OTC] About Course Creator

About The Program Expert - And Your Guide -Kaihan Krippendorff

  • Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff is committed to helping organizations and individuals thrive in today’s era of fast-paced disruptive technological change. Kaihan is known for his ability to turn difficult concepts into easy-to-understand ideas that drive meaningful outcomes and actions. He is an internationally recognized thought leader, battle-tested consultant, and sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of business strategy, growth, transformation, and innovation.

  • Kaihan worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company before founding the growth strategy and innovation consulting firm Outthinker.

  • An accomplished author, Kaihan has written four books on business strategy, growth, transformation, and innovation.

  • He is also a consultant with Wharton Executive Education, faculty member of Florida International University, teacher of design strategy at Parsons School of Design, and international lecturer.

  • With a mother from Bangladesh and a father from Germany, Kaihan brings a holistic, diverse, and global perspective to everything he does. His work has brought him to 58 countries all over the world. He speaks three languages and has lived or spent significant periods of time in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Pacific.

  • In this program, you won't just learn from Kaihan on prerecorded trainings. He'll meet with periodically to guide your progress and answer any questions that you have.

How have Kaihan's insights influenced mindset and behaviors?

Shannon Susko
Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Coach/Advisor, Best Selling Author of 3HAG Way, Speaker and Corporate Director

“The 4th Option® is a powerful framework helps companies figure out and get unstuck on their strategy. The course allows companies to look at ideas they never thought they would be able to implement and then implement them to win. As a coach it is great to have these tools to help my clients move forward and be successful.”

Robert Cancalosi
Director of Global Customer Leadership Education, GE

“A professional approach, cutting-edge business concepts with unique tools presented in a way that inspires leaders to think differently. The process holds up against the most sophisticated and experienced audiences.”

Country Manager

"The Outthinker process created an entirely different way of solving business problems. It was as though someone suddenly opened the floodgate; there was a whole new flow of ideas and energy."

Juan Mijares
Reg. Dir. Of Strategy Wal-mart

"Kaihan is very good at understanding the underlying patterns of strategy, then he trains the group to start recognizing these patterns, with time the strategic level of the group starts rising, generating breakthrough ideas that unleash untapped value."

Marc Speichert
Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oreal USA (now Managing Director, Google)

"Kaihan provides practical methods to systematically analyze and intelligently manage the competition. This does not mean copying or even responding to the competition. It means precisely the opposite."

Geraldine O’brien
Vice President of Communications, Newport Group

"Kaihan is a great communicator, who held the rapt attention of an audience of more than 200 financial services professionals from across the country. He opened our minds, made us think, and gave us actionable ideas that one could apply to their day-to-day lives."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we apply as a team? Is there a limit of seats per business?

This course is for the leadership team. We encourage you to bring up to 8 members of your team to this program.  We’ve seen the most spectacular results when the entire Leadership Team signed up, so if you want to add more members of the organization, we are in full support. Just let us know! There’s no limit of seats per business. 

What can I do if I miss the live sessions with the coach or author of the class?

All our live sessions with authors and coaches are recorded and available on your learning platform. You will find them following the same steps mentioned in the reminder you receive a few days before the live classes.
I’ll be traveling/ busy during a lot of the live sessions and I’m worried that I’ll fall behind.
If you’re travelling, you can always dial in from wherever you are, we don’t mind. You don’t have to be suited up in the office to participate in the live sessions. If you know that, 100% sure, you’re going to miss the class, you can still submit your question/ challenge/ feedback and we’ll discuss it during the workshop or mastermind. As mentioned above, you’ll get the recordings of all the live sessions.

What if I don’t like this course? What is your refund policy?

We offer an iron clad triple risk-free guarantee. If you aren’t blown away by the level of service, informational content, clarity, and support throughout the entire course... we will refund 100% up to 30 days after purchase, or until the 3rd Live Session if no session has happened within the first 30 days of your enrollment.

Step into the future. Execute with clarity.
 Join Kaihan Krippendorff to take control of your strategy and scale up in 2021  

- You’ll participate in an interactive, online certification program, spread out over 9 weeks.

- You’ll go through a new video training every week (up to 3 hours of study material).

- You’ll get further direction through 9 live, online workshops with Kaihan himself. In these sessions, you'll have a conversation with Kaihan directly.

- You will have time for Q&A, so Kaihan can answer any of your questions on the spot.

- You'll engage in small peer-to-peer discussions with other leaders who are here to scale up their company.

- You’ll get access to the Outthink The Competition toolkit filled with resources like I.D.E.A.S. Workbook and the 36 Strategic Narratives guide.

- You'll join an interactive group and community space to connect with experts, peers, and coaches 24/7.

- To demonstrate your mastery of the methodology, you’ll also earn the official Master Practitioner Certificate!

- All the videos, downloadable tools, guides & PDFs that you fill out and personalize for your company are yours to keep FOR LIFE.

-  A new class is forming now!  Sign up now to save your seat and get immediate access to the training!



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** Enroll in the program. Get access to the entire lessons and work with your coach. Fill out all the hiring tools. And if after 30 days - or 3 live sessions - of doing this you're still not satisfied with your progress, we'll refund you for the FULL price of the program!

No hard feelings. No questions asked. **