Scale Your Business Using John Mullins' Customer Funded Models 

Mastermind with John Mullins and 74 other mid-market business leaders to discover how you can scale you business growth with customer funded models 
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Why Scaling Your Business — Without VC?

All too often, CEOs and top executives at mid-market companies struggle to scale their business. Growth requires cash and investment capital is often viewed as the best (or even only) option you have to get your company to the next level.

To that end, we’re pleased to announce our brand new course will be led by business educator, author and entrepreneur John Mullins from London Business School.  This course will delve into how mid-market companies like yours can use the customer funded strategies to protect your future and fund your growth.

Сompanies using the customer-funded models

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What You & Your Team Will Accomplish During This Course

Together with your team you will gain valuable insights, such as:

Why you shouldn’t automatically turn to venture capital

How to leverage customer relationships

The customer-funded models that work

How to evaluate business trends in your industry

Which companies have successfully used these models

How to apply what you’ve learned right now

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Our Application Process

Although we believe that all mid-market companies would benefit from this course, we must emphasize that only 75 seats are available. Those professionals selected to enroll will be based on the current growth stage of their company, their own experience/leadership role and how well they fit within the larger group.

In addition to providing an opportunity for John to share his research, the course aims to create a two-way learning environment for like-minded business owners, CEOs and top executives to connect and share their experiences and ideas during the live sessions and peer mastermind groups you’ll be a part of.

Our team will review each application and get in touch with you within three business days after submission. If we have additional questions, we’ll schedule a call with you. So when you feel ready, apply here.


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How Does the Application Process Work?

The first step is making the decision to drastically change your organization. But once you decide to disrupt your industry and instigate a business-wide transformation, here’s how the application process for the Scaling Your Business — Without Venture Capital Program works. Once you apply, you should hear back from us within 3-days of submitting about whether your organization is accepted.

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    Submit Your Application

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    Review of Applications by Daniel Marcos 

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    Review of Application by Enrolment Specialists


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    Final Admission Selections Made

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    Growth Institute Notifies Approved Applicants


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    Online Enrollment & Payment

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    Course Begins


9Live Calls with John


Course Modules We’ll Cover

Why taking venture capital or private equity doesn’t always work

This first session explores why venture capital is not the best course of action for your business.

Matchmaker Model

You’ll learn how to build your business simply by connecting buyers and sellers without owning what is being sold. 

Pay-in-advance Model

You’ll find out how to bring in funding before your product or service is developed.

Subscription Model

You’ll discover how the subscription model has evolved over the years.

Scarcity Model

You’ll understand how the scarcity of your product can shape customer loyalty.

Service-to-product Model

You’ll learn how your company could shift effortlessly from providing a service to a product.

Scaling Your Business with External Capital, Parts 1 & 2

A topic so epic it takes two sessions to cover, as we explore the role of external capital.

Putting Customer-funded Models to Work to Scale Your Business

Finally, we’ll review how the customer-funded models we’ve covered can change everything.

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Download course outline!

Get ready to Scale Your Business — Without VC.

Want a sneak peek at how this course can propel your company’s growth?

Download Course Outline

To align yourself with this course, you’ll want to review this course outline first. Ready to get started? Just fill out the form!

Who Will Be Coaching Me?

John Mullins

John Mullins is a two-time entrepreneur and Associate Professor of Management Practice in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the London Business School. He brings over 20 years of executive experience in high-growth retailing firms to his award-winning teaching and research, which has in turn yielded four books as well as articles in esteemed outlets like the Harvard Business Review and the MIT Sloan Management Review.

His first trade book, The New Business Road Test: What Entrepreneurs and Investors Should Do Before Writing a Business Plan, is considered the definitive work on the assessment and shaping of market opportunities, and his 2009 book Getting to Plan B: Breaking Through to a Better Business Model was named among the year’s book books by BusinessWeek and Inc. magazine. His latest book, The Customer-Funded Business, expounds on the five business models successful companies use to leverage customer funding and how to apply these strategies to your business.

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Who needs this course?

Business Owners

We provide the tools for business owners ready to take their businesses’ growth seriously. 


We provide strategies to leverage the customer relationships you already have.


We provide the opportunity to emulate the proven results of industry leaders.

Top Executives

We provide the latest and most effective methods to scale up your business now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the application process work?

Although we believe that all mid-market companies would benefit from this course, only 75 seats are available. Those professionals selected to attend will be based on the current growth stage of their company, their own experience/leadership role and how well they fit within the larger group. Our team will review each application and get in touch with you within one week after submission. If we have additional questions, we’ll schedule a call with you. If you feel ready, apply here.

Can we have multiple team members attending?

Of course, teams are encouraged to participate. Involving more individuals from your company helps to create a stronger dynamic for all participants and will ultimately make it easier to apply the lessons you’ve learned into your business. Each seat for the course is sold separately, and if you do want multiple team members involved, one application per team is enough. We’ll sort out the details later.

What do I receive when I reserve my spot?

When you apply for the course, you’ll be able to participate in the 9-week interactive program, including 9, live, online workshops directly with John. That’s a new training video every single week, and you’ll have access to more than 9 hours of study material for a full year once you begin. Of course, you’ll also connect with other thought leaders through Q&As and discussion sessions.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a RISK-FREE guarantee. If you aren’t impressed by the material we cover or the level of service we provide throughout the entire course, we will provide a full refund up to 30 days after purchase.

Is Gazelles Growth Institute a University? Can I count the course towards university credits?

We are an official Corporate and Digital Learning Institution but not technically a university. The Gazelles Growth Institute is a Corporate and Digital Learning Institution. We are regulated and accredited by an AdvancED. This means that we are audited by strict guidelines that ensure quality of learning. The Master Course is an accredited certificate program. It is not the equivalent of a University’s Degree. The acceptance of Master Courses as university credit would fully depend on the institution granting your degree.

What have leaders said about John Mullins and Scaling Business - Without VC Course?

“John truly understands the importance of getting to know the unique needs and personality of our members. The programs he designs and delivers with us are reflective of his ability to do several things very well: engage and educate in a change-inducing manner, assess and understand the unique needs of each client, design a custom program to meet those needs, and deliver a deep understanding of the content at hand.”

— Emily Fox, Director - Events, Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO-WPO)
This is THE cornerstone idea for entrepreneurs - to shun all other avenues first and pursue customers to fund their venture. This provides a critical forcing function business leaders need, in order to guarantee they are creating something truly valuable. After learning this lesson the hard way (raising angel funds and failing), my two latest ventures have followed Mullins' sage advice and flourished." 
— Verne Harnish, Author of "Scaling Up" and "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits"
“A reality check for anyone poised to jump into a new venture without thinking.”
— David Giampolo, Chief Executive, Pi Capital, London
“During my years of working with academic organizations to provide executive education programming for CEOs, I have found no one better to work with than John Mullins. He listens to, embraces and understands the needs of my group; John designs and facilitates practical and relevant content with take-home value for each participant. His entrepreneurial spirit and business experience come together beautifully in each program to provide a valuable experience.”
— Keith Williams, Senior Learning Director, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

Here’s what you will receive

  • You’ll participate in an interactive, online certification program, spread over 9 weeks.
  • You’ll get a new video training every week (more than 9 hours of study material).
  • You’ll go through 9 highly interactive live, online workshops directly with John, including the chance to pose your burning questions.
  • You’ll join your peers in 5 facilitated in-depth discussions where you will delve into the application of course content in a mastermind group.
  • We’ll lead you through interviews and insights from some of the world’s top executives who used the five customer-funded models to scale their companies.
  • All the video recordings and extra materials are yours to keep for 12 months from the start of the program.
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