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Featured Course! 

Digital Leadership by Erik Qualman

Technology changes every second and it's forcing entrepreneurs and leaders to think and lead differently.

But Erik has some great news for you. "Digital Leaders are made, not born," and using his simple framework "STAMP" framework, he will guide you through 5 simple habits that will enable you to fast forward your organization into the age of technology and enjoy the ride - enabling accelerated growth and reduced complexity.

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faster_results_the_edge_learningGet faster results

Broken up into bite size pieces which makes it easier to digest and execute

Execute with confidence

Commit to make changes in your organization with the proven results shared by world-class business experts


Gain your freedom!

New ideas for the entire team to create enthusiasm and drive innovation

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“ Quite simply, this is the best content we have found and appreciate the value it has offered our organization.” - Alex Ipiotis, Owner at Island Photography

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Daily Business Tips

In less than 10min/day - built to fit your busy schedule


Exclusive Weekly Interviews

Connect weekly with the experts to get up to date and cutting-edge insights. 


Weekly Highlights

Each week we'll recap everything you need to know. 

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Implementation Tools

For all 55+ programs - execute and generate fast results 


Personalized Learning Pathways

Curate development plans for you and your team. 

*only available for Team and Premium versions

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Community of Scale Ups

Join leaders from around the world so you never have to go at this alone. 

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Unlimited Access

Engage with micro-learning audio/video courses anywhere, any time. 

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Bring The Team Along 

Collectively collaborate and accelerate your learning and action.

*only available for Team and Premium versions


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"[The Edge] is a cross between Netflix and TED Talks. I think it is one of the best tools available to help me stay sane. The money I spend on [The Edge] each month may be the best investment I make on employee development."
Joel Potter
CEO of Blue Moon Fitness
"One the most fun and inspiring ways to learn about new concepts and approaches.

The speakers cover everything from company culture to branding to bringing in new business. The presentations may be broken up into bite size pieces which makes it easier to digest. We have already implemented a number of new ideas which has created a newly found enthusiasm in our team. One hundred " thank you's" for making this available to us!"
Chreryl Ipiotis
President at Island Photography

Invest in your

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See Who's Here

Our thought leaders cover everything from strategy to culture to marketing. These are not professors. These are proven CEOs, entrepreneurs, leadership coaches, and think-tank founders who have "walked the talk" of growing a business.



...and many more!

"I feel like each learning suite that I go through empowers me to keep going and to keep learning more. It allows me to keep thinking from different viewpoints.

I don’t think of them as classes, and I look forward to them it because it empowers me to be a better version of myself."
Kristina Rehfus
Regional Operations at Allure Medical
It changes the team dynamic. It gives us more volume and speed and efficiency.
Graham Ives
Project Director at ITS


Learning designed for busy leaders

With short audio or video segments you can dive into critical insights at a time and place that can easily fit into your busy schedule




Business knowledge you can apply

Don’t let the learning go to waste, each course is accompanied by a powerful implementation plan so you can apply the learnings and generate fast results



Learn and network with your peer community

Join an environment of support, guidance, collaboration, and a whole lot more so you’re never alone in these crazy times



Accelerate your team and your business!

Scaling your business is not a single person's role. It takes the whole team to buy-in, align, and take action.

Your team acts as a support system during the implementation process. The more you can collaborate with them, the more accelerated your learning and action.



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"It allows us to bring training to all of the staff in a cost effective and efficient way where they don't have to be out of the office."
Dwight Cooper
CEO of PPR Talent Management Group
"Thank you for making this available. Your company really is a tremendous resource for cutting edge concepts!" 
Michael Riley
Managing Director of Skylight Ideas
Our Pricing Plans

The Edge +



Invest in yourself. Push your business skills to the limit with this practical on-demand learning platform.

Library of 55+ video and audio Learning Suites

Weekly "Conversations at The Edge" with Thought Leaders

Strategic tools and simple action plans

Community-generated resources

A learning path to see your progress

The Edge Teams



Invest in your team. Enjoy access to a practical on-demand learning platform designed to help you scale.

Everything from The Edge +

A customized learning path for your and your team

Access for up to 10 members of your team

The Edge Premium



Scale your organizational learning to new heights. Up your capabilities, augment your learning resources and track your team's progress. Price varies based on your team's size, contact us for more information.

Everything from The Edge + and The Edge Teams

Dedicated Account Manager to support your team 

Robust reporting & analytics to track your team's learning growth

Up to 100 people from the organization

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Edge push me to succeed?

To help you make progress in The Edge without feeling overwhelmed, we guide you through a monthly 'Success Path' that encourages communal learning. This Success Path focuses on the giving you the insights you need to grow as an entrepreneur in bite-sized increments.

Above all else, being consistent with your learning is key to your success!

What are Learning Suites?

The Learning Suites are the main focus of The Edge. We broke down on-demand seminars from leading business thought leaders into leaner, easily digestible video sections.

This makes it easy for you to watch the videos, take your action step, and make progress on your growth as an entrepreneur.

How much time should I devote to The Edge?

The Edge email series hits your inbox 2-3 times per week. 

As a member of The Edge +, you'll jump on a learning path - with the whole community - to build up your business confidence and ability.

The format is simple. You simply watch the short video lesson and fill out your action step. This helps you get closer to your goal of mastering the business skills inside The Edge. 

The short answer: Take as much time as you think you need!

I’m not really sure where to start... Are there any recommended courses?

Inside the The Edge, you’ll be able to filter the courses by Competencies or Pathways, so you can quickly jump to what you need the most.

Competencies focus on different categories such as marketing, strategy, sales or hiring. Pathways provide you with a recommended series of courses to take based on the stage of your company growth, the initiatives you’re planning, or the challenges you face. 

How does Implementation work?

In the spirit of keeping everything super simple, implementing what you learn is straightforward in The Edge. After watching a video, you can navigate to your Implementation Plan where you’ll find a simple 1- or 2-page worksheet to keep you accountable for committing what you’ve learned. 

I filled out my Implementation Plan worksheet. What now?

Now it’s time to execute! Take your Implementation Plan to your team and decide the first priority to execute. Once you have executed your plan, you can share your results with us! With that done, you have officially completed your first learning suite.

How many of my team members can access the The Edge

The Edge email series is free to anyone who wants to sign up

The Edge + is an individual plan. Only one person has access per account. 

The Edge Teams allows you to bring up to 10 members of your team on the account, so you can learn and grow together. 

The Edge Premium is a plan for organizations. 

Check out our Pricing section above for more info or click here to talk to sales


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