Learn How To Identify, Hire & Keep A-Players From The World’s #1 Hiring Expert Dr. Brad Smart —12 Steps In 7 Weeks

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Why Topgrading Master Business Course?

Scaling up your business is hard — and often counterproductive. It makes it even more frustrating to do it without a reliable team, but surprisingly not that many companies know the golden formula to successful hiring.

The fact is: your organization is only as strong as its people. Mis-hires cost you millions (that’s not an exaggeration) in dollars and wasted hours. If you want to start scaling up rapidly and without drama, you need every person on your team to be a High Performer — not only the leadership and management.

Sounds unbelievable to achieve? We’re here to change it.

As a result of collaboration between Dr. Brad Smart and The Growth Institute, you can now access the Topgrading methodology — regarded as the most effective hiring method on the planet —  in the form of an interactive Master Business Course.

This methodology has already been successfully used by hundreds of organizations around the globe — like General Electric (under Jack Welch), Shell, UBS, Culligan, Barclays, HoneywellArgo, E*TRADE, non-profits (American Heart Association), and dozens of smaller companies Mint.com, DenTek, K&N Management).

Over the 12-week period — along with 49 other selected participants — you will be taken through a process of intense coaching, revision and implementation. All of it with the guidance of Dr. Brad Smart and Topgrading coaches.

What You'll Accomplish During 12 Weeks Of The Course

Together with your team you will learn how to:

Measure your Hiring & Promoting Success (frameworks included)

Optimize your recruitment processes (Topgrading software)

Conduct effective interviews (like 1-hour Behavioral Interview);

Master advanced interviewing techniques (like Topgrading Tandem)

Coach your new hire (create an individual development plan)

Analyze the data (draft & finalize Executive Summary)

Course Formula


Learning Materials

You’ll get the downloadable toolkit & PDFs that will become your reference library — including the the Topgrading Workbook and in-depth Hiring Manual. Plus: on demand Dr. Smart’s videos explaining each of the 12 Topgrading steps (+6 hours of videos).


6 Live Online Workshops

On top of that, you’ll go through 6 online workshops with a Topgrading coach and the international group of leaders and hiring experts. These sessions are highly interactive, so you’ll be able to exchange questions, feedback and get support.


Two 1-1 Coaching Calls

Next, you’ll get two 45-minute One-on-One Coaching calls to discuss your progress and challenges. We suggest you schedule it in the middle of the course to make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities — or not heading in the wrong direction.


Topgrading Software

You’ll get a 60-day free trial for Topgrading online solutions like Career History Form, Candidate Snapshots or Competency Assessment. TOLS 3.0 helps you screen candidates and detect Top Performers more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

12 Steps Of The Topgrading Methodology


Step 1

Measure Hiring Success


Step 2

Create a Job Scorecard


Step 3

Recruit From Networks


Step 4

Use The Career History Form


Step 5

Conduct Telephone Screening Interviews


Step 6

Conduct Competency Interviews


Step 7

Conduct topgrading interview


Step 8

Offer feedback to hiring manager


Step 9

Create a report


Step 10

Have the candidate arrange reference checks


Step 11

Provide feedback to new hire


Step 12

Measure hiring success each year

To ensure the highest quality of the course, we limit each cohort of the program to a maximum of 50 leaders.

Dr. Brad Smart

About Course Creator

Dr. Smart is an internationally renowned management psychologist and consultant to many Global 500 companies, but also hundreds of small, midsize, and growth companies. He completed his Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology at Purdue University, entered consulting, and after two years launched Topgrading, Inc.
Brad is frequently regarded as the world’s #1 expert on hiring and most experienced executive interviewer and coach, having conducted over 6,500 chronological Topgrading Interviews in over 200 companies. As a trusted advisor to CEOs of leading companies as well as startups and fast growth companies, Brad has been featured in a front-page Wall Street Journal profile, CNN, Fortune, Inc., Chief Executive, and numerous other publications.

Who It Is For?

It’s for CEOs, team leaders & HR professionals who:

  • Are looking to develop an excellent hiring strategy, so they can exponentially scale up their businesses by identifying, hiring and retaining High Performers.
  • Believe employee coaching and leadership development is a better option than replacement.
  • Have the motivation to learn and implement the latest methods for screening and interviewing executives.
  • Want to connect with top industry thought leaders teaching their research-proven methodologies and processes.
  • Are driven to turn learning into real-world application.

Application Requirements

It’s not “first come, first served”.

To ensure the highest quality of the Master Course, we’ll be only taking 50 people.

For the purpose of synergy, we have to gather a group of CEOs, team leaders and HR experts from companies that have already achieved a certain level of growth — reflected especially in the size of their teams.

There’s no application fee.

Because this course is highly interactive, in the application process we’ll ask you about:

  • Your top skills and what can you bring to the table;
  • Your business background and experience;
  • Your previous achievements;
  • Your company’s mission and current goals.

We also have to make sure that you’ve reached the stage where our methodology can be implemented effectively. 

Join the companies who are already implementing Topgrading
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This course is part of Masters of Business Dynamics program:

It is one of our six Master Business Courses:


- SCALING UP by Verne Harnish 


- MASTERING NEW MARKETING by David Meerman Scott

- OUTTHINK THE COMPETITION by Kaihan Krippendorf

If you were or are enrolled in any of them, the credits will count towards your MBD.

What Clients Say About Dr. Brad Smart & Topgrading Methodology

“In a previous start-up I worked for, hiring was done haphazardly. At Mint.com, I’ve had very rigorous hiring. We use a technique called Topgrading, which reveals patterns in behavior. In the history of Mint, I’ve only fired two people and one left voluntarily.”

Aaron Patzer

Founder, Mint.com

“Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right
people on the field. All the clever strategies and advanced
technologies in the world are nowhere near as effective
without great people to put them to work. Brad developed the methods to help us pick top producers.”

Jack Welch

Former Chairman and CEO, General Electric

"We've grown from one to forty-six locations and have experienced 50% to 100% growth annually since Topgrading."

Ken Sim

Co-Founder and Owner, Nurse Next Door

“In the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke, Topgrading helped us raise an additional $50 million over the previous year. Topgrading has saved lives.”

Cass Wheeler

Former CEO, American Heart Association

There’s nothing that has done more for our company than Topgrading. It will be our culture as long as we have our company.

William H. McGill

Chairman & CEO, MarineMax Inc.


How does the application process work?

We prioritize: your company’s growth stage, your skills and professional achievements, but also how you can contribute to the group — so that we all can learn from each other. We’ll review your application and get in touch with you within 1 week. In case of additional questions, we’ll schedule a call with you. If you feel ready, apply here.

Can we apply as a team? Is there a limit of seats per business?

This course is for mainly CEOs, team leaders and HR professionals. That said, we’ve seen the most spectacular results when the entire Leadership / Executive Team signed up. There’s no limit of seats per business.

If that’s what you want to do, one application per team is enough. We’ll then schedule a call to figure out who to take aboard. No worries if someone doesn’t qualify, it doesn’t block you as a business. We just have to make sure that our network is of the highest value.

FYI: there’s no limit of seats per business and team pricing is available. Get in touch to learn more.

Can I implement the Topgrading methodology by myself?

Together with your leadership team you can read Dr. Smart’s book “Topgrading”. You can then discuss which frameworks and strategies would be the most important at the moment and start implementing them.

The truth is though — this approach takes longer and is extremely challenging. You’ll be missing professional feedback, peer motivation, accountability and external perspective (we all know how it is hard sometimes to think “outside of the box”). Within the Topgrading program, you’ll be getting not only highly-qualified guidance and support but also extremely dynamic and valuable network of entrepreneurs from all over the world.

As a Master Business Course student, what can I do if I miss the live sessions with the coach or author of the class?

All our live sessions with authors and coaches are recorded and available on your learning platform. You will find them following the same steps mentioned in the reminder you receive a few days before the live classes.

Is Gazelles Growth Institute a University? Can I count the course towards university credits?

We are an official Corporate and Digital Learning Institution but not technically a university. The Gazelles Growth Institute is a Corporate and Digital Learning Institution. We are regulated and accredited by an AdvancED. This means that we are audited by strict guidelines that ensure quality of learning. The Master Course is an accredited certificate program. It is not the equivalent of a University’s Degree. The acceptance of Master Courses as university credit would fully depend on the institution granting your degree.

What if I don’t like this course? What is your refund policy?

We offer an iron clad triple risk-free guarantee. If you aren’t blown away by the level of service, informational content, clarity, and support throughout the entire course... we will refund 100% up to 30 days after purchase, or until the 3rd Live Session if no session has happened within the first 30 days of your enrollment.


  • You’ll participate in an interactive, online certification program, spread over 12 weeks.
  • You’ll go through 6 live, online workshops with a Topgrading coach. They are highly interactive, so there will be Q&As and discussions with other participants.
  • You’ll get two 45-minute One-on-One Coaching calls to discuss your progress and challenges.
  • You’ll get our downloadable toolkit & PDFs to keep for life.
  • You’ll get a 60-day free access to Topgrading premium software TOLS 3.0.
  • All the video recordings and extra materials are yours to keep for 12 months from the start of the program.

    Price: $2490

*No credit card required