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Apply a data-backed process to attract, hire, coach and retain exceptionally talented candidates in just 8 weeks with the Topgrading Master Business Course

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Learn the Best Methods to Create Your A Team with the Topgrading Master Course


Scaling up your business is hard — and even more frustrating if you don't have a reliable team.
However, not that many companies know the golden formula to successful hiring.

The fact is: your organization is only as strong as its people. Mis-hires cost you millions (that’s not an exaggeration) in dollars and wasted hours. If you want to start scaling up rapidly and without drama, you need every person on your team to be a High Performer — not only your leadership and management.


As a result of collaboration between Dr. Brad Smart and Growth Institute, you can now access the Topgrading methodology — regarded as the most effective hiring method on the planet — in the form of an interactive Master Business Course.

This Togpgrading Master Business Course is specially designed to help you make all the right decisions in your search for the best people at key roles in your organization.

Get on the Path to Peak Performance

Topgrading has been a trusted partner to CEOs and Human Resources executives for more than 40 years.

 And over the next 12-week period — along with 49 other selected participants — you will be taken through a process of intense coaching, revision and implementation. All of it with the guidance of Dr. Brad Smart and Topgrading coaches.

In the Topgrading program you will be surrounded by the community and additional support (both internally and externally) you need to make great hiring decisions. You'll be learning side-by-side with other hiring managers, business leaders, and their teams. 

Companies Already Hiring A Players With Topgrading

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What You'll Accomplish In 12 Weeks Of The Topgrading Program 

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topg analyze data  topg effective interviews 2  topg master advanced interview techniques


Here's why the Topgrading Master Business Course works so well

Our learning process will help you break through your "plateaus" so you can grow and scale, with less stress and less drama. We don't leave anything to chance. 

The Hybrid Method of Learning is a 4-step integrated process that allows you to turn practice into results in real-time:

Learn Directly from Brad Smart

With access to our virtual training system,  you get your learning directly from Brad and avoid a watered-down version of his scientific methodology. You'll always have the option to go back and get your answer from the videos. 

This ensures that you get cutting edge strategies  from an expert thought leader –  not just a professional who teaches business theory. 



Apply Your Learnings With The System Toolkit

You'll receive tools to speed along your implementation quickly and easily. These world-class hiring tools and checklists get you - and your team - on track to build a foolproof hiring process – almost like a step-by-step blueprint. 

These tools will are what you'll use to drive action for the duration of our time working together.

Get Even More Guidance With Online Coaching Sessions

We don't leave you to plan on your own. We'll pair you with an elite Certified Topgrading coach, so you can make a plan for exactly how to implement Brad's methodology.  You show up weekly for the 7 group coaching sessions to get your specific questions answered and focus on critical next steps.

Our certified coaches are here to guide you and show you what works so you can stay focused on the endgame.

Bring Your Team Along To Multiply Your Results!

Finding and hiring A Players is not a single person's role. It takes the whole team to buy-in, align, and take action. Your team acts as a support system during the implementation process.

The more you can collaborate with them, the more accelerated your learning and action.


Are you ready to attract and lead a team of A-Players?

Enroll in the Topgrading class today to apply THE MOST TRUSTED hiring methodology in just 8 weeks!


Hiring success is just a click away! And with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you are just leaving precious time and opportunity on the table.


Enrollment will open soon for the Q1 2022 cohort. Interested?

Yes, Add Me to the Early Interest List!
Start producing high-talent teams in just 8 weeks.

 In this program, you'll master these 12 essential hiring steps:

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1. Measure your hiring and promoting success

topg 2

2. Create a measurable job scorecard

topg 3

3. Recruit more efficiently from your network

topg 4
4. Screen good
candidates with the Career History Form

topg 5

5. Filter out undesirable candidates with the telephone screening

topg 6

6. Assess top candidates with competency interviews

topg 7
7. Drill down on top picks with the Topgrading interview

topg 8
8. Master advanced interviewing techniques 

topg 9
9. Rate your top candidates with the Executive Summary

topg 10
10. Get on the reference calls that your candidates have arranged for you

topg 11
11. Coach and prep your new hires for success with a personalized development plan

topg 12
12. Finally, measure your hiring success!


Who Is Topgrading For?

This in-depth program is for team leaders, CEOs, and hiring managers who are dead serious about:
  • Developing an excellent hiring strategy that consistently delivers a 90% success rate for finding, hiring, and retaining Higher Performers
  • Learning from the top industry thought leaders the most data-backed hiring methodology out there. 
  • Not just learning -  but implementing - the tested and trusted methods for screening and interviewing everyone from direct reports to top executives 
  • Engaging with a flexible, easy to implement curriculum into the rhythm of their busy schedules
  • Turn learning into real-time, transformative collaboration and real-world application.


[TG] brad about

About The Program Expert - And Your Guide - Brad Smart

  • Brad completed his doctorate in Industrial Psychology at
    Purdue University, entered consulting, and since the 1970s has been in private practice as President and CEO of his own company, now called Topgrading, Inc., based in the Chicago area.

  • Brad is frequently acknowledged to be the world’s foremost expert on hiring. The company consults with many leading companies and hundreds of small and growth companies.

  • He has conducted in-depth interviews with over 6,500 executives. His work has resulted in authoring seven books and videos, including Topgrading 3rd Edition: The Proven Hiring And Promoting Method That Turbocharges Company Performance; The Smart Interviewer: Tools and Techniques for Hiring the Best; and the training series Topgrading Toolkit, featuring the 12 Topgrading hiring steps and demos of all the interviews.

  • He's also co-authored the following books: Topgrading for Sales: World-Class Methods to Interview, Hire, and Coach Top Sales Representatives, with Greg Alexander; and Smart Parenting: How to Raise Happy, Can-Do Kids, with Dr. Kate Mursau.

Hiring Managers and Business Leaders Trust Topgrading To Deliver Top Talent

Jack Welch
Former Chairman and CEO, General Electric

“Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field. All the clever strategies and advanced technologies in the world are nowhere near as effective without great people to put them to work. Brad developed the methods to help us pick top producers.”

Ken Sim
Co-Founder & Owner, Nurse Next Door

"We've grown from one to forty-six locations and have experienced 50% to 100% growth annually since Topgrading."

Cass Wheeler
Former CEO, American Heart Association

“In the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke, Topgrading helped us raise an additional $50 million over the previous year. Topgrading has saved lives.”

William H. McGill
Chairman & CEO, MarineMax Inc.

“There’s nothing that has done more for our company than Topgrading. It will be our culture as long as we have our company.”

Alex Leyva
Business & Employee Development Manager, Infinity Landing Systems

It's all about implementation. There's the Topgrading book and other stuff out there. It's a really intense process and a thick book, but having the coaches to help you implement is really valuable. We've actually felt the whole environment and culture in our company starting to shift as we bring in people who are thinking the same as us.

Mark Watson
CEO, Argo Group

"Argo is more successful as a company because Topgrading has resulted in a higher percentage of A Players."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we apply as a team? Is there a limit of seats per business?

This course is for the leadership team. We encourage you to bring up to 8 members of your team to this program.  We’ve seen the most spectacular results when the entire Leadership Team signed up, so if you want to add more members of the organization, we are in full support. Just let us know! There’s no limit of seats per business. 

Can I implement the Topgrading methodology by myself?

Together with your leadership team you can read Brad’s book “Topgrading”. You can then discuss which frameworks and strategies would be the most important at the moment and start implementing them.
The truth is though — this approach takes longer and is extremely challenging. You’ll be missing professional feedback, peer motivation, accountability and external perspective (we all know how it is hard sometimes to think “outside of the box”). Within the Master Course you’ll be getting not only highly-qualified guidance and support, but also extremely dynamic and valuable network of entrepreneurs from all over the world.

What can I do if I miss the live sessions with the coach or author of the class?

All our live sessions with authors and coaches are recorded and available on your learning platform. You will find them following the same steps mentioned in the reminder you receive a few days before the live classes.
I’ll be traveling/ busy during a lot of the live sessions and I’m worried that I’ll fall behind.
If you’re travelling, you can always dial in from wherever you are, we don’t mind. You don’t have to be suited up in the office to participate in the live sessions. If you know that, 100% sure, you’re going to miss the class, you can still submit your question/ challenge/ feedback and we’ll discuss it during the workshop or mastermind. As mentioned above, you’ll get the recordings of all the live sessions.

What if I don’t like this course? What is your refund policy?

We offer an iron clad triple risk-free guarantee. If you aren’t blown away by the level of service, informational content, clarity, and support throughout the entire course... we will refund 100% up to 30 days after purchase, or until the 3rd Live Session if no session has happened within the first 30 days of your enrollment.


Hiring is a strategic business differentiator. 

 Join the Topgrading Master Business Course and equip your leaders with the processes, tools, training, and coaching they need to fill open positions with people who will excel.

- You’ll participate in an interactive, online certification program, spread out over 8 weeks.

- You’ll go through a new video training every week (up to 3 hours of study material).

- You’ll get further direction through 7 live, online workshops with a certified coach. These sessions will include Q&As and discussions with your peers who are also here to improve hiring for their businesses.

- You’ll get 2 months of access to Topgrading online solutions like Career History Form, Candidate Snapshots, or Competency Assessment. TOLS 3.0 helps you screen candidates and detect Top Performers more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

- You’ll get a 60-minute One-on-One Coaching call to measure your progress, challenges, and set up a focus plan for you and your team!

- You'll join an interactive group and community space to connect with experts, peers, and coaches 24/7.

- To demonstrate your mastery of the methodology, you’ll also earn the official Master Practitioner Certificate!

- All the videos, downloadable tools, guides & PDFs that you fill out and personalize for your company are yours to keep FOR LIFE.


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for up to 2 members of your team. 

Enrollment will open soon for the Q1 2022 cohort. Interested?

Yes, Add Me to the Early Interest List!


** Enroll in the program. Get access to the entire lessons and work with your coach. Fill out all the hiring tools. And if after 30 days - or 3 live sessions - of doing this you're still not satisfied with your progress, we'll refund you for the FULL price of the program!

No hard feelings. No questions asked. **