The 4 Keys To Hiring & Retaining Great People - Even During a Global Recession

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What Experts & Students Are Saying

“Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field. All the clever strategies and advanced technologies in the world are nowhere near as effective without great people to put them to work. Brad developed the methods to help us pick top producers.”

Jack Welch
Former Chairman and CEO, General Elecric

"We've grown from one to forty-six locations and have experienced 50% to 100% growth annually since Topgrading."

Ken Sim
Co-founder & Owner, Nurse Next Door

“In the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke, Topgrading helped us raise an additional $50 million over the previous year. Topgrading has saved lives.”

Cass Wheeler
Former CEO, American Heart Association

A dramatic improvement in organizational culture has taken place as a result of Topgrading.

Laura Macauley
COO, Heimlantz

We have been using Topgrading for years and there's no question - the business results are a lot better.

Shannon Susko
President, Subservio

“There’s nothing that has done more for our company than Topgrading. It will be our culture as long as we have our company.”

William H. McGill
Chairman & CEO, MarineMax Inc.

It's all about implementation. Having the coaches to help you implement is really valuable. We've actually felt the whole environment and culture in our company starting to shift as we bring in people who are thinking the same as us.

Alex Leyva
Business & Employee Development Manager, Infinity Landing Systems

If you want to:

- Increase your rate for hiring top performers to up to 85%.
- Increase your annual performance by over 100%.
- Optimize your recruitment process to scoop up a healthy flow of candidates.
- Measure your hiring and promoting success to discover where you are wasting money.
- Conduct effective interviews that give an ACCURATE picture of your candidates.
- Master the most advanced interview techniques  CRITICAL for hiring success.
- Analyze your data to validate your increased efficiency.
- Understand how to coach your new hire, so they have fun, add more value, and stick around longer! 
- And most importantly, develop an EXCELLENT HIRING STRATEGY.

Topgrading is for you!

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