Webinar May 26th, 2022 - On-demand version now available

Copy of Growth Sucks Cash (1200 × 628 px)


Tell us a bit about yourself and gain instant access to this 100% free training with the award-winning teacher and scholar at the London Business School, John Mullins.

In these 90 minutes, you will learn:

  • John’s 5 customer-funded models that leverage customer relationships to fuel your company’s future
  • What you need to know to decide which model best supports your long-term vision
  • How mid-market companies have used customer funding to expand
  • Why relying solely on investment capital might be hindering your performance
  • Which strategies you can implement NOW to put your knowledge to work
  • All the answers to your burning questions during the live Q&A




Daniel Marcos heads the leading online executive education company for C-level executives at fast-growing firms. He is a keynote speaker and a CEO Coach, with a mission to help 1 million entrepreneurs.
Daniel first partnered with Verne in 2012 to bring executive training to companies around the world.

Now he works to democratize business education and shorten the gaps in professional development by making training that was once reserved for a small niche of wealthy businesses available to all CEOs and their executive teams.
John Mullins is an award-winning teacher and scholar, two-time entrepreneur, and Associate Professor of Management Practice in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the London Business School. He brings over 20 years of executive experience in high-growth retailing firms to his award-winning teaching and research, which has, in turn, yielded four books as well as articles in esteemed outlets like the Harvard Business Review and the MIT Sloan Management Review.
His latest book, The Customer-Funded Business, expounds on the five business models successful companies use to leverage customer funding and how to apply these strategies to your business.

What Leaders Are Saying About Scaling Without Venture Capitalism:

Get instant access to this 100% free training with the award-winning teacher and scholar at The London Business School, John Mullins.