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What Is the Master of Business Dynamics?

The Master of Business Dynamics is an interactive online program that helps you grow and scale your business with less drama. 

Through our accelerated Hybrid Method of Learning, you'll go through a combination of unique strategy, tools for you and your team, implementation, coaching, and masterminding - all geared to help you grow and scale with less drama - or your money back!

Along with selected CEOs, top executives and entrepreneurs from around the world, you’ll go through our top Master Business Courses, taught by the most influential thought leaders in business growth.

Leaders like
Jack Daly, Verne Harnish, David Meerman Scott, Dr. Brad Smart, Salim Ismail, Kaihan Krippendorff, and Daniel Marcos to name a few.

They'll teach you how
to create hyper sales growth, how to master new methods of marketing, how to scale for higher profits, how to hire and keep top talent, how to execute exponential growth strategies, and more...

Learn how the Master of Business Dynamics Program can help you grow and scale your business, double your cash flow, 10x your valuation, and more!


Who Is The MBD For?

It’s for founders, CEOs and Top Executives who:

Want an MBA-level of experience, but are too busy running their companies

Are looking for the proven tools and most practical methodologies to grow (up to 10x) this year

Are committed to transforming and scaling up their businesses, not just maintaining the status quo

Are ambitious, motivated, and willing to put in the hard work

Are lifelong learners, always hungry for knowledge and curious about new solutions

Want to network, mastermind and exchange experienced with an international community of leaders, entrepreneurs and game changers

4 Reasons You'll Succeed In The MBD

To scale up effectively and without drama you need: continuity and accountability, professional guidance and proven know-how, as well as constructive feedback and support. You'll get these through 4 key components of the Master of Business Dynamics which takes you through our innovative Hybrid Method of Learning:


Direct Learning From The Thought Leaders

Get cutting edge strategies from the thought leaders  –  not just a professional who teaches business theory.

You get the learning directly from the thought leaders and avoid misinformation or a watered-down version.


System Toolkit

You will receive tools to speed along your implementation quickly and easily. These tools are your roadmap to give you direction and get on track, as well as to help your team stay on track  –  easily  – almost like a step-by-step blueprint.

With these tools, you'll drive action for the duration of our time working together.


Online Coaching Sessions

With a coach, you make a plan for exactly how to implement. We don't leave you to plan on your own. You show up weekly for the group coaching sessions to get your specific questions answered and focus on the next steps for implementation.

We'll show you what works so you don't fall back into bad habits.


An International Community

Mastering your business' growth cannot be done in a vaccuum. This program is not just about learning from the masters, but your peers as well. You will connect and learn with them about growing pains, disruptors, and anything else related to scaling your business.

The more you can collaborate with them, the more accelerated your learning and action.

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You'll Make 6 Critical Business Improvements

Each quarter you’ll take part in one Master Business Course (MBC) for 8-12 weeks. Each MBC focuses on a critical area of your business and includes online live trainings, discussions, access to experienced coaches, downloadable toolkits and frameworks, and 5-10 hours of video lessons with our world-renowned business thought leaders.

To earn your MBD certificate, you can go through any 6 of our Master Business Courses:

scaling up

Scaling Up

Align strategy and culture within your company to confidently overcome the challenges of scaling



Implement the step-by-step approach that allows you to hire and retain only the top-performing people at your company

managing cash profit and value

Managing Cash, Profit & Value

Improve your profits, raise your valuation, and make better financial decisions with the only critical numbers in your company 

exponential organizations

Exponential Organizations

Leverage emerging technology for your company to transform into a lean and adaptable organizations

hyper sales growth

Hyper Sales Growth

Build a high-performing sales department that pushes growth in the company and attracts only the best salespeople

outthink the competition-1

Outthink the Competition

Apply the Outthinker process to highlight innovations that will give your company a competitive advantage

mastering the complex sale

Mastering The Complex Sale

Re-engineer your complex sales process to create predictable and profitable growth in today's competitive marketplace

mastering new marketing

Mastering New Marketing

Utilize the core strategies in the modern marketing landscape to tell a story that attracts customers and creates promoters


The Great Game of Business

Coming Soon!

How The Program Works:


Each Quarter:

  • Each quarter you’ll participate in one Master Business Course for 8-12 weeks. There are no final exams, but you'll be challenged to execute every bit of what you learn. 

  • You’ll go through the 5-10 hours of video trainings of each course to learn the fundamentals.

  • You’ll participate in 6-8 live discussions with a coach and masterminds with your peers.

  • Depending on a course, you’ll get an option for 1-1 coaching calls.

Each Week:

  • This program requires 2-3 hours a week to learn the methodology plus dive into case studies to apply critical thinking as a team.

  • You’ll get feedback and exchange ideas in online discussions and masterminds with your peers.

  • You’ll get unlimited access to weekly live conversations with thought leaders in all areas of business growth.

  • You’ll get tools and frameworks to implement, as a part of your “homework”.

On Completing The Program:


You’ll be invited to a Scaling Up Summit (date and location tba) where you’ll not only receive your certification, but also get to meet your peers in person and together celebrate 18 months of your hard work!

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Curious about the program objectives? Want to know more about the Master of Business Dynamics? Get a sneak peek.

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The 3 Game Changing Dynamics Of The MBD
To Help You Scale Up


#1 Daily Insights To Give You The Edge Over Your Competition

Take your leadership to The Edge with daily videos, exclusive weekly interviews, and a community of growth-minded executives. The Edge gives you the online platform that helps you get faster results, execute with confidence, and gain your freedom!

You’ll find here:

  • How Performance Partnerships Can Scale Your Business — by Robert Glazer
  • Branding Masterclass…Uncensored — by Deb Gabor
  • How to Boost Profit and Growth through Pricing — by Hermann Simon
  • And +90 other online courses and interviews!
edge logo

#2 Live "Amplify Talks" With CEO Coach, Daniel Marcos!

Each month, you'll become a better CEO through roundtable sessions with CEO coach and our co-founder Daniel Marcos!

Learn how to leverage the 4 stages of growth, evolve from entrepreneur to CEO, 2x the value of any business in 1/2 the time, and more so you can grow your business with the freedom you've always dreamed of.

#3 Grow Alongside Your Community Of Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Over 18 months of the MBD, you’ll get support and feedback not only from your coach and thought leaders, but also from the community of driven entrepreneurs, leaders and game changers working to grow their business' just like you!

You'll have multiple live touch points each month to brainstorm ideas and exchange insights in regular group discussions, learn from each others’ successes and mistakes, and keep each other accountable. You’ll deepen your network and relationships within and outside of your industry.

community mbd
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Master of Business Dynamics In Numbers






Thought Leaders


Online Seminars

Here's What CEOs And Entrepreneurs Are Saying About The MBD

The MBD is the single biggest influence on the decisions I made in my business then and still to this day.

Dwight Cooper

CEO, PPR Talent Management Group

Disruption is the new norm. We need to know it, expect it, and figure out ways to embrace it. Growth Institute and the MBD program give you the tools, support, coaching, and peer masterminding to help you navigate the milestones and challenges of growing your business exponentially…

Pamela Carrington Rotto

COO, JC Hart

Without a doubt, that course has paid for itself a hundred times over already...’s incredibly cost-effective. The delivery is world class and the virtual classroom environment uniquely creates delivery of a deeper level of content for a deeper level of understanding…

Wes Garner

CEO, GLC Minerals

The MBD made me rethink what was going on in my business. I’m now coaching seven companies which average around $100 million dollars per year, and they want to grow much bigger than that.
I seriously believe that you can't be an entrepreneur without a program like this...

Shannon Susko

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Coach/Advisor, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Corporate Director

It’s a great learning platform considering people from different backgrounds, cultures, and companies are sharing knowledge. And for the success of anything, sharing of knowledge is the key! Each one learning from one another- there couldn’t be a better way of knowledge!

Sirjan Ubha

People and Culture Manager, GFB Great Foods

The process of watching the videos, the regular zoom calls, and the support from a coach has helped us dig deeper into our company and have those healthy debates on how to best move forward. This program really makes you dig deeper.

Cynthia Kaye

Founder/CEO, Alive Studios

I am happy that now I have a structured tool to take on the next 10-15 years. This program coupled with a coach to hand-hold you, can give you "the edge" if you are heading a start-up, or are already running a Great Company. The energy levels of the Growth-Institute team has been refreshing, especially during these tough "Pandemic" times.

Kishore Keswani

Managing Director, Shore Auto Rubber Exports

The program takes you out of your day to day role and inspires you to start to think about how to structure your business more efficiently. It provides a space to think strategically about the future of the business. Time well spent.

Jurgen Herre

Founder and Board Member, Soliton Holding

Thank you Growth Institute! We are working on our next steps now - we have managed to become a growing company again and July was one of the top 3 best revenues and profits ever!!!!

Sandra Balij

Founder and Owner, ctalents

The program really opened my eyes. I thought I knew a lot about how to run a business. It turns out that I knew very little. After listening and watching the videos, and being a part of the live sessions, it was like a light went off. Everything presented made sense, yet our business was not doing a lot of it.

Darin Fidurko

Director of Operations, Monofrax

Frequently Asked Questions

I've already taken some of these courses. What are my options?

Already took Topgrading or Scaling Up? No worries.

We offer new Master Courses every year. You can start the program with a course that you have not taken yet, and select others when they launch! Plus, your payment for your previous course(s) will count as a credit. So by having taken other MBCs, you've already partially paid for your MBD.

What does the application process look like?

Once you submit your application, you'll receive an email immediately with more information on next steps.

You'll know if you've been accepted within a week of your submission. Once you have been notified of acceptance, you'll have 2 weeks to pay to hold your spot in the program.

When can I start my MBD program?

Each Master Course is held once per quarter.

You can join the program at any time you like and join in on the next quarter's course at your choice.

I'm starting a Master Course this quarter. Can it count towards my MBD?

Yes! If you are enrolled in a Master Course that is starting this quarter, we will count it towards your MBD as credit.

Can I count the MBD towards university credits?

The MBD is an accredited certificate program. It is not the equivalent of a University’s Masters Degree.

The acceptance of MBD courses as university credit would fully depend on the institution granting your degree.

What does it mean to be accredited?

Growth Institute is a Corporate and Digital Learning Institution. We are regulated and accredited by Cognia.

This means that we are audited by strict guidelines that ensure quality of learning.

Is Growth Institute a university?

We are an official Corporate and Digital Learning Institution but not technically a university.

For the purpose of synergy, we have to gather a group of CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs from companies that have already achieved a certain level of growth — reflected especially in the size of their projects, teams and the revenue. We also have to make sure that you’ve reached the stage where our methodology can be implemented effectively.

Ideally, you have already completed one of our Master Business Courses, implemented its solutions and you are able to share your results with us. 

There’s no application fee. You can apply individually or as a team of executives.


Because this course is highly interactive, in the application process we’ll ask you about:

  • Your top skills and what can you bring to the table;
  • Your business background and experience;
  • Your previous achievements;
  • Your company’s mission and current goals.
Apply For The Program Today!